Mixed Media Watchbox



Today I am going to show you how to make a mixed media watchbox. The method is pretty simple but the result is beautiful and fun!

Materials required :

  • One MDF Watchbox
  • Modelling Paste
  • Black and White Gesso
  • Wooden Embellishments (Designs of Gears)
  • Corrugated Sheet
  • Acrylic Paints by Art Alchemy (Rose Gold, Blue Gold and Green Gold)

Procedure : 

  1. First, I textured the plain box with the modelling paste. (I prefer to use the Liquitex Professional Modelling Paste)
  2. After letting the box dry completely, I applied the black gesso on it. (I used the one by Pebeo studio)
  3. Next, I coloured the wooden embellishments with the black gesso and let it dry.
  4. After that, I assembled the wooden embellishments on the box in a beautiful manner.
  5. Using the corrugate sheet, I gave texture and dimension to the box.
  6. Next, I coloured it with Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint. I used the colours – Opal magic Rose Gold, Blue Gold and Green Gold to give the gears a magical look.
  7. Finally, I applied a light layer of white gesso as touchup.

Results : 




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