Explosion Box


Today, I have made a 3 layered explosion box album for the Rainbow Craftykari Explosion Box challenge. The theme of my box is ‘Magic Wonderland’. Because inside the box I have made a magical environment filled with sequins, love charms, butterflies, flowers and even a fairy! Fairies are beautiful angels which bring the sparkling magic in the nature. In the floral nymph paper collection that I used by bob n betty, the enticing beauty of the nymphs with a beautiful floral backdrop in shades of pinks and yellows give an extraordinary result. These keep up with my theme as well as utilise shades from the colour palette required for the challenge.

The box opens to one layer with triangular pockets on two flaps. In those triangular pockets, there are double pockets in which I have put many tags and cards.In the next layer, I have created some beautiful doors in which you can also insert cards and tags. Then is the third layer, which I can adhere with some fussy cuttings. For one of the sides,I cut a fairy precisely and stuck it.

In the centre, I have created a beautiful garden. I have used a bottle and filled it with sequins, love charms, moss, fairy and butterfly cuttings and metal charms. This gives a 3 dimension structure in the centre as required for the challenge.



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