Birthday Card 


We spend hours and hours searching for a perfect birthday gift. But we all know that nothing works as nicely as a handmade birthday card! Today, Ill show you how to make a beautiful card quickly and efficiently! 

Materials required : 

  1. Paper stack from DCWV
  2. Metal charms 
  3. Mulberry flowers
  4. Mdf embellishments
  5. Glitter from Prima
  6. Fancy pollens
  7. Distress oxide
  8. Stamp from Altnew

Procedure : 

  1. First, I took a nice card stock for the card and stuck pattern paper on it. 
  2. Then I took some leftover paper strips and arranged them in a beautiful manner. I applied distress oxide colours on the surface to add to the beauty of the card.
  3. After that, I took a wooden frame and corners and decorated it with elements from Prima. 
  4. Then, I stuck the frame along with a picture on the top. 
  5. I arranged mulberry flowers on the side along with some metal charms to adorn the card. 
  6. I then added a tag saying ‘Happy Birthday’
  7. Inside of the card, I stuck another pattern paper and put some more pictures. 
  8. Finally, I put a birthday sentiment made from a MDF cutting. 

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