Nameplate using Bob n Betty


 How are you? Lets make a nameplate today! 

Materials required : 

  1. Pattern paper (Woodies)
  2. Alphabet acrylic cuttings 
  3. Mulberry flowers 
  4. Stencil 
  5. Modelling paste from Liquitex
  6. Glitter from Prima 

Procedure : 

  1. First, I took a cardboard and stuck a pattern paper by Bob n Betty on it. 
  2. Using a stencil, I applied modelling paste and put snowflake tensiel to create a beautiful background.
  3. Then, I stuck the alphabet acrylic cuttings on it tactfully.
  4. I  put some mulberry flowers on the side to adorn the nameplate.
  5. Then, I put some glitter from Prima to add some shine to the project.

And that’s how I made a very presentable amd beautiful nameplate!

I hope this helps! 

Have a great day! 

3 thoughts on “Nameplate using Bob n Betty

  1. It’s amazing. Can you please guide me regarding laser cutting alphabet cost ? Getting motivated to create mine to see yours .


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