Wall clock with photo frame

Hey! I’ll be showing you how to make a beautiful wall clock with a photo frame.

Materials required:

  • Stamp and dies (Delightful daisies) from Heartfelt Creations.
  • Archival colours (Cobalt for stamping, Forgetmenot and Aquamarine)
  • Paper for flower making (Floral Natura from Craftstudio)
  • Pattern paper for background from Kaiser Craft.
  • Diecuts for wall clock
  • Wooden embellishments

Procedure :

  1. First, I stamped the flowers with cobalt archival ink.
  2. Then I cut the flowers using die and big shot machine from Sizzix.
  3. I coloured them with Forgetmenot and Aquamarine.
  4. Then I did embossing and made 3 lines on each petal of the flower.
  5. I applied the art glitter glue in three lines in co-ordination with the lines on each petal and put fairy dust on it.
  6. After letting it dry, I assembled the petals into a beautiful flower and put a silver bead in the centre.
  7. To create a beautiful background, I took a nice pattern paper(12×12) and applied modelling paste using  a stencil of a leaf design.
  8. The design gave a unique texture to the background.
  9. I stuck a wooden frame to the background and put a picture inside the frame and arranged the flowers along the side of the frame.
  10. I put a wall clock beside the frame and to decorate it, I made layers out of different, beautiful round diecuts.
  11. I also used leaves and swirls diecuts to fill in the spaces among the flowers.

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