Flower frame

Hello! Today I’ll be showing you how I made a flower frame using the Enchanted mum paper collection by Heartfelt Creations. This is the first time that I have used waste paper cuttings from a stack in arranging the layout. It is an extremely fun and creative project.

Materials required :

  1. Enchanted mum die for flower
  2. Classic rose collection for leaf, die and stamp
  3. Colours archival ink pad
  4. Magenta hue colour
  5. Majestic violet colour
  6. For leaves :
    – Fern green
    – Library green
  7. Pollens
  8. Mdf sentiment
  9. Versamark
  10. White element
  11. Enchanted mum paper stack


  • First take a 12×12 piece of Mountboard
  • Next, simply stick paper on it.
  • Then, for next layer tear the paper from the edges and roll it from the corners to give it a layering.
  • For flowers, take the enchanted mum diecuts in iris paper 190 gsm.
  • Cool it and emboss it with a simple ball tool on an embossing pad.
  • For embossing, move the tool from outside to the inside for inside curved petal and from inside to the outside for outside shaped petal.
  • For making 1 flower, I have used approx. 6 petals (3 petals inside curved and 3 petal outside curved)
  • For the leaves, emboss from back side ; for embossing move the tool along the shape of the leaf.
  • Then arrange some mdf cutting.
  • To give that white col, I have first used versamark, then used white element on it and then made it heat dry.
  • Lastly, I have arranged flowers , mdf cuttings, and paper cuttings in a beautiful manner.



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